Terms and Conditions

1. Quotes are valid for current month only, after which the price of goods and the services rendered  may be altered, having regard to fluctuations in the exchange rate or any fee in terms of the  Public Regulations. 

2. Payment in full is required on acceptance of the quote / invoice and prior to commencement of  manufacture. All relevant invoice details – ie: Company Name, Vat No, Reg No, Delivery address  and contact numbers must be supplied. Proof of payment is to be sent via email IF payment is not  done on site via our card machine. 

3. Please bring proof of payment or cash when you collect. We have card facilities so you can make  payment with your debit or credit card at our premises. 

4. CHALLENGER CONCRETE CONCEPTS reserves the right to revise the delivery and placement  quotation after the site conditions have been determined and complications become apparent. 

5. CHALLANGER CONCRETE CONCEPTS reserves the right to postpone deliveries in adverse  weather conditions and if full payment has not been received. No deliveries take place during rain. 

6. CHALLANGER CONCRETE CONCEPTS products remain the property of CHALLENGER  CONCRETE CONCEPTS until full payment is made. 

7. There is an approximate 10 - 15 working days lead time on most orders. This depends on the  quantity and nature of the product. 

8. CHALLENGER CONCRETE CONCETPS will not be liable if renovations take place after  placement and damage is caused, nor will CHALLENGER CONCRETE CONCEPTS be liable for  any damage caused to products bought once delivered and construction / renovations / any  building work is taking place at time of delivery / after delivery and placement. 

9. CHALLENGER CONCRETE CONCETPS will not be liable for hail damage and any other damage  caused by weather conditions due to placement outside and not under cover. 

10. CHALLENGER CONCRETE CONCEPTS will not be held liable for breakage, cracks or any  damage if a customer collection is to take place. Once item leaves the premises of  CHALLENGER CONCRETE CONCEPTS, we waive any liability of product as we cannot  guarantee correct transport methods / handling / off loading and placement. 

11. Furniture is hollow. CHALLENGER CONCRETE CONCEPTS will not be liable for any negligence,  misuse or improper use of furniture. Furniture is not to be stood on or jumped on.  

12. Furniture, Pots, Tables and Water Features need to be placed on a level surface to enable even  weight distribution. 

13. No returns/exchanges/refunds on paving, including installed paving. CHALLENGER CONCRETE  CONCEPTS will not be held liable for inconsistent/poor/inaccurate installation. 

14. Delivery price is based on Kia 1.5ton load within Johannesburg area, if order exceeds 1 delivery load additional charges may apply, as there is now formula to calculate within online order.

Pots & Water Features

1. Pots to be filled with potting soil only, CHALLENGER CONCRETE CONCEPTS is not liable for  breakage if sand, stones or anything else other that potting soil is used. 

2. Pots only carry a 30 day guarantee. 

3. Pots should be placed on a level surface to allow for even weight distribution. 

4. An electrical power point must be available in close proximity to the water feature for the pump to  function. Considering that we are not certified electricians we unfortunately cannot undertake the  re-routing of power points of the like. 

5. The pump is guaranteed by the supplier only. Should problems arise, the pump needs to be taken  to the supplier of the pump. 

6. Water from the water feature may be lost through evaporation, wind, leaks, etc. The pond must be  topped up regularly. It is vital that the pump is always submerged in water when operating.